Discover the Wild Earth Yarns Team: The Faces Behind the Fibres

When you take a peek behind the scenes at Wild Earth Yarns, you'll discover a remarkable team brimming with a passion for crafting yarn that's as beautiful as it is unique. Today, we're turning the spotlight on Graham, one of the key driving forces behind Wild Earth Yarns.

Wild Earth Yarns was born from the dreams of its husband and wife owners, Graham and Jacqui, and it possesses a truly intriguing origin story. In 2010, a life-altering opportunity emerged: the chance to acquire a complete fibre processing plant from the Wool Research Institute. This serendipitous moment set the wheels of their business in motion.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Graham and asking him a few questions to give our community a better understanding of who we are.

 Could you provide some insight into your role and responsibilities within the Wild Earth Yarns team?

My primary responsibility involves daily production. Additionally, I'm tasked with machine maintenance, handling breakdowns, and, when time permits, overseeing the commissioning and upgrading of equipment.

What inspired you to start Wild Earth Yarns?

My passion for textile machinery, especially Woollen cards, was the driving force behind my dream of owning a spinning mill.

What's the most unique or unusual yarn you've created?

The Wild Wool Arapawa blend is a unique yarn we manufacture.

Do you have any favourite yarn-related memories or projects that stand out from your time with the company?

One of the standout memories was the time spent building the factory shop. My brother handled the construction work, and as a family, we worked together to tile and paint it.

Finally, what's your favourite yarn to create?

I have a special fondness for Merino Possum. The beauty of this yarn lies in its ever-changing blend of colours, as no two batches are identical due to the mix of fur shades.


Stay tuned for more yarn-filled tales and the chance to get better acquainted with the entire Wild Earth Yarns team.