About Us

Wild Earth Yarns is both a manufacturer of yarn, working on contract for wool growers, and a retailer producing its own exclusive ranges and blends of wool and fibre yarns. Any grower with a minimum of 120kgs of scoured wool can have it processed into their own unique yarn for knitting, weaving, clothing, upholstery or carpets. In addition to creating our own signature yarns, we welcome requests and suggestions from customers for specific fibres and blends.

Jacqui & Graham of Wild Earth Yarns, New Zealand

Wild Earth Yarns was set up by husband and wife owners, Graham and Jacqui. An opportunity to purchase a complete fibre processing plant from the Wool Research Institute provided the impetus to set up the business in 2010. For the first 4 years Jacqui ran the business while Graham juggled a daytime job within the industry, working evenings at Wild Earth Yarns.

Since Graham joined the business full time, Wild Earth Yarns has continued expansion with the acquisition of a balling machine and more recently a super-fine fibre processing plant, which will enable Wild Earth Yarns to process more high-quality Merino wool into exquisite fibre.

Our commitment to the environment

We’re proud that Wild Earth Yarns manufactures yarn without impacting negatively upon the environment. Our processes produce no emissions to air, no waste-water and no skips to the landfill. Any unused or waste wool is sent to Terra Lana who use it for insulation.