About Us

Wild Earth Yarns is a business that was created in 2010 specialising in commission based fibre processing. We are a husband-wife team with many years of expertise in the textile industry. 

As yarn specialists, we bring precision, passion and creativity to our work. We apply our many years of experience to what we know to consistently deliver products of high quality. 

Graham has worked as a textile engineer for the past 46 years. He has high levels of experience in all aspects of wool production but specialises in carding and spinning,

Specialising in the finishing procedures and customer relations, Jacqui also has a wealth of knowledge within the textile industry thriving to produce products to a high standard. 

We can process small or large quantities of fibre with competitive pricing and prompt service.  Although due to the large size of our machines we require  a minimum batch size of 50kg for contract spinning.

All commission spinning must be a minimum of 100kg and must be professionally scoured.

Wild Earth Yarns offers a quality finished product with a satisfaction guarantee.