Discover the Wild Earth Yarns Team: The Faces Behind the Fibres


Embark on a journey into the heart of Wild Earth Yarns, where creativity seamlessly intertwines with passion. Our spotlight today turns to Jacqui, a driving force alongside her husband, Graham, actively shaping the distinctive character of Wild Earth Yarns.


Jacqui's passion and creativity weave seamlessly with the threads of the business. As co-creator and co-owner, her role is integral to the unique story that defines our brand. Join us as we delve into a conversation with Jacqui.

Could you provide some insight into your role and responsibilities within the Wild Earth Yarns team?

I manage the administrative and financial aspects of the business, and I'm also in charge of overseeing production. My primary focus is on gilling and the worsted side of processing.

What inspired you to start Wild Earth Yarns?

Graham initiated the business, and I joined the journey, contributing by choosing the name. 

What's the most unique or unusual yarn you've created?

Our Aspen range is distinct to us, featuring locally grown wool from North Canterbury. The thrill of selecting colours before dyeing the dark fleece adds excitement to the creative process.

Do you have any favourite yarn-related memories or standout projects during your time with the company?

The launch of our no-nylon sock yarn, which sold out overnight, was a fantastic moment. Seeing the positive response to a more natural product was rewarding. Stay tuned; we'll have more available in the new year.

Finally - what's your favourite thing about working at Wild Earth Yarns?

I'm passionate about working with natural fibres and love being involved in growing our own branded yarn.