Lisa Craig of Lisa F Design

Continuing our journey through the remarkable individuals who make up our clientele, Wild Earth Yarns is thrilled to shine a spotlight on Lisa Craig, the creative behind Lisa F Designs & Burnt Hill Yarn Company. Just as we take pride in spinning for McLean & Co., we are equally honoured to be the proud producer of Lisa's very own yarn label, Burnt Hill Yarns, including the exquisite Vesper 8ply Merino, with more exciting offerings on the horizon.

With a childhood steeped in the memories of family woolsheds and the rhythms of rural Waikato landscapes, Lisa's passion for the fibre arts was nurtured from an early age. Ancestral connections to knitting, with her Grandma's diary bearing witness to daily knitting rituals, deeply influenced Lisa's creative journey.

Her formal foray into the world of textiles began with her studies in Wellington, where her passion for design and yarn took root. Her professional journey included contributions to renowned names such as Feltex Yarns, Crucci, and Thoroughbred. She embarked on her own path by designing patterns for her three children, a venture that laid the foundation for her independent pattern business.

As the business flourished, Lisa expanded her portfolio to encompass New Zealand merino yarns, collaboratively processed at Wild Earth Yarns. This synergy between Lisa's design vision and our craftsmanship results in yarn that beautifully complements her patterns.

Currently residing in the captivating landscapes of Central Otago, Lisa's inspiration remains intricately intertwined with the rustic beauty of her surroundings. Lisa's designs resonate with the textures and colours of her environment. 

Her family, avid explorers of the region's wild places, play a pivotal role in shaping her designs. Every expedition yields fresh perspectives that become touchstones for her creativity.

Lisa's design ethos strikes a harmonious balance between classical elegance and contemporary style. By drawing from her environment, Lisa's creations become a celebration of nature's artistry and a tribute to her heritage.

In the collaborative spirit that resonates with Wild Earth Yarns' values, we celebrate Lisa Craig's dedication to preserving tradition and exploring innovation. Together, we craft a narrative woven with passion, heritage, and the extraordinary beauty of New Zealand's creative landscape. 

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